Video Interview Outline (Short Story)

Start With A Disruption Statement

  • “Did you know that what you’re about to see will change the way you think forever?”
  • “Imagine a world where [startling fact or prediction].”
  • “Prepare to have your beliefs challenged as we delve into [controversial topic].”
  • “Buckle up because we’re about to uncover the dark secrets behind [shocking revelation].”
  • “What if I told you that everything you thought you knew about [common belief] is wrong?”
  • “Hold onto your seats because today, we’re exposing the hidden truth about [surprising phenomenon].”
  • “In the next few minutes, you’ll discover a revolutionary idea that could reshape industries.”
  • “You won’t believe what happened when we tested [unconventional method] against [common practice].”
  • “Warning: The content you’re about to witness might challenge your comfort zone.”
  • “Get ready to have your mind blown by [startling discovery] that scientists just made.”

Tell the end of a success story  – that you’re going to tell


Hi, I’m (name) with (company) and if you are a [target audience] with [this problem] we have a simple solution that has worked for [number] [target audience just like you] That means [problem solution] in [time or stat] with guaranteed results. 

  • [Call to action]
  • Act now and [Limited time bonus]
  • Reiterate the complete offer and then the bonus offer. [Why now]


  • Overcoming insurmountable odds Storytelling
  • More of the story


  •  Graphics
  • Qr code
  • Flyer
  • Packaging