What Are The Roles In A Micro-Community


Team members that are 100% committed to supporting the group’s activities. They perform helpful tasks, add content to relative topics, like and share group content, and add feedback to conversations and projects.


Influencers have specialized knowledge, authority, and insight into a particular subject and audience. Their fans look to them for direction on particular purchases and activities.


Individuals with a large circle of influence within the field or focus of the group. Communicators, networkers, marketers, & community leaders.


Creative abilities, writers, outside-the-box thinkers, problem solvers, and product developers.


Podcasters, writers, and vloggers who have the ability to teach and convey complex ideas into simple to understand lessons.

Thought Leader

A go-to individual in a particular niche. A successful individual and foremost authority in a selected vocation, skill, process, or understanding of the group’s target audience.