Micro-Community: How It Works

The main purpose of a micro-community:

A collaborative way to create engaging content for digital marketing purposes (inform, influence, inspire) is easier and with very little content creation expertise needed.


As a group, we support each other’s efforts for the good of the group. As a micro-community, each contributor just creates a small portion of the overall content calendar and activities and therefore doesn’t have to do the extremely hard word of producing engaging content on their own. Each person contributes 1% of excellent content instead of 100% of mediocre content.  Because the system is organized and methodical, we all work from a master plan that is managed and monitored through a committee or company.

Brainstorm International, LLC – Using keyword and analytics tools that look for trends, peak keyword activity, and other digital marketing metrics, we organize keywords, organize content subjects, organize the contributors for each content piece, organize the repurposing of existing content, create and monitor reports and analytics for use in making the systems better, and communicate with the group and works on systems that allow group members to communicate with each other. Brainstorm International also facilitates advertising campaigns and budgets for enhancing the reach and effectiveness of the group’s content and members.

Brainstorm International, LLC will also build and maintain a central website that will function as a blog and directory site for all the members. Brainstorm International, LLC will also build and maintain social media groups that will enhance communication for the group both internally and externally.

Brainstorm International, LLC will manage landing pages and Call To Action forms for monitoring and directing prospect journeys through sales funnels.

Brainstorm International, LLC will organize functions throughout the year to get together and batch content material, posts, articles, networking events, educational events, and support activities. For example, mass headshots and photo sessions, digital marketing symposiums, keyword content ideas brainstorming sessions, flash mob support, group shout-out alerts, etc.

We start with a client journey that we are familiar with. A client persona that we have a success story helping. What are their problems and how did we solve them? What other services does your client persona face that are outside your expertise? Where are you in this client’s journey? Are you at the top? If not, who is at the top? Once we have a good collective idea of the problems in your client’s journey, we start looking at the keywords your client would use to seek out answers to their problems. Look on Google if you need help finding words and phrases. We have other tools that can help as well. We develop an exhaustive list of keywords and phrases that encompass your client’s journey.

Example Article:

sample article 01
Keyword report Research 01

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