How To Start A Micro-Community

How to start a micro-community?

A micro-community’s main benefit is the common characteristics of the members and their purpose. With everyone on the team having the same goal, it makes the tasks to success much easier.

To start a micro-community you need to have a focused reason to exist.

    • Advocacy
    • Key Target Demographic
    • Common Need(s) Fulfillment
    • Common Customer Journey
    • Accountability Partners
    • Shared Resources
    • Shared Client Base
    • Business Sales

Once you have a key reason to exist, the members need to have a similar value system. They need to support the greater good of the community they serve. They need to be a team player. Each member needs to be accountable to the team and the community they support.

I micro-community is micro. It’s small in size and narrow in focus. Too wide of scope and you lose sight of the original purpose of the group. Too many members dilute the contribution pool and make communication and decision-making more difficult.

Think of your micro-community as a corporation with a single brand mission and service offering to a target audience in a particular geographic area that needs the products and services you offer.

    • What’s the least and most number of members (roles) to accomplish your team’s goals?
    • What’s the least and most number of prospective clients, subscribers, or patients that your micro-community can support?
    • What is our marketing budget?
    • What resources do we need?
    • What are the roles needed for our micro-community?
    • Where do we find the right person or company for each role?
    • How do we recruit our members?

Do you Want To Be On A Micro-Community Team?

Contact Chris Trezise at (865) 388-5995 or schedule a brainstorming session to discuss your involvement. Schedule Something Now!

    • What role best suites your skills and expertise
    • Which micro-community fits your organization’s objectives
    • Identify your buyer persona
    • Learn more about client journeys
    • Collect information to set up your directory listing
    • Go over the digital marketing system, editorial calendar, funnels, and how to work with other members in your micro-community

Be Included In The Editorial Calendar

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Membership to a micro-community is $100 per month on a month-to-month agreement through Brainstorm International.

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Get Better Engagement From Your Content Marketing Than Ever Before

What if your entire year’s worth of engaging content could be completed in a fraction of the time and get more exposure and better results than you’ve ever received in the past? A micro-community could be the answer.

    • Routine Article’s Published For You
    • Routine Social Media Posts Promoting You
    • Shared Content on 100’s of Sites and Profiles
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Some of the Benefits To A Micro-Community Subscription.

We created a comprehensive directory site that is fully managed by Brainstorm International. Your directory presence is included in your monthly membership to the micr0-community system.

    • Business Listing Full Page
    • Promotions
    • Member Showcase
    • Reviews
    • Contributors Blog Posts
    • Product Listing Capabilities
    • Membership Benefits
    • Member Messaging
    • Editorial Schedule
    • Events