What is a


A team with a focused purpose and supportive abilities to help people who share a common challenge. Through our system of communication, collaboration, and connection everyone benefits. The goal is to support passion-driven, like-minded thought-leaders who want to educate and serve people in wealth, health, and relationships.

What is a


A team with a focused purpose and supportive abilities to help people who share a common challenge. Through our system of communication, collaboration, and connection everyone benefits. The goal is to support passion-driven, like-minded thought-leaders who want to educate and equip people in wealth, health, and relationships.

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Why Create

A Micro-Community

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You can do more together than you can on your own because the team is greater than the sum of its parts

Greater idea exchange ability

Greater problem solving ability

A larger circle of influence

The collective voice is easier heard than an individual

There is stronger support in a community

A group reputation is easier to achieve than an individual

You share resources and expenses that will help you grow and improve faster

More diverse skills & expertise

A Tribal Point of View Where Everyone Shares & Everyone Benefits

When put into action, accountability will drive progress

A focused value message can be heard easier with more voices

Marketing Reasons

To Create A Micro-Community

A group of people sharing the same focus and goal will accomplish it faster

Through a community of focused thought-leaders, you answer problems faster

A micro-community with resources, can solve the problem of being found online

Combined knowledge & resources of the group will be more effective than a single contributor

The community supports one another by sharing each others content with their own circles of influence thus expanding the reach of everyone

A Larger Circle of Influence means greater exposure & potential

A micro-community with resources has the ability to replace search engines and social media channels for connecting with their audience

The micro-community with resources creates a complete buyers journey

A micro-community with resources enhances other business networking activities

With resources the individuals in a micro-community become thought-leaders and influencers to their target audience

How To Start

A Micro-Community

Determine the problem(s) you want to solve, but not on your own

Who has the problem(s) you want to solve. Define them in every way. Know them in every way. You can also be part of this group looking for solutions

Find like-minded people that also want to solve that problem for those people

This is a solutions-focused group. Look for problem-solvers

Set up your micro-community's code of ethics and minimum standards

Set up your support structure for both members & audience

Determine the size of your micro-community based on your engagement limits


Look for members that have a growth mindset. One of possibilities and not limitations


An Optimal Micro-Community


The Internet is open 24/7/365


Online resources are fluid and can adapt and expand easily as your micro-community changes

Resources are plentiful and modular to fit the unique needs of our group.

Information is easily organized and retrieved through familiar methods

The Internet's constant is that sharing problem solving content has always been it's main purpose.


Members can stay connected with the group resources in addition to their own.


The advantage of easy connectivity for members resources and group resources.


The micro-community members can easily stay up-to-date with activities & interests


The micro-community members can easily share member content (problem solving ideas) with their own circle influc


Allowing you the freedom to engage with new members and your audience and be the Encouragement Ambassador.

Please Contact Me. I’m interested in Micro-Communties.


Website Hub

You’ll need a central website that has the capabilities to:

    • Membership Plans (Ways to Join)
    • Manage Member Profiles
    • Audience Connection for Subscription
    • Audience Connection for Problem-Solving Content
    • Member and Audience Connectivity
    • Advanced Search Functions To Find Things Fast
    • Blog Style Content Support (articles, videos, podcasts, infographics, etc)
    • Built-in AI capabilities
    • Advanced Style Functions To Help Tell Your Story
    • Deeper Dive Opportunities For Audience (Webinars, Courses, Downloads, etc)
    • Member Sales Support Through An Online Store (Physical Products and Digital Products)
    • Email Marketing Support
    • Chat Support
    • Member Reviews Support
    • Photo/Video Galleries
    • Social Media Channel Support

Creative Support

You’ll need a person or team responsible for supporting your creative needs:

    • Group Brand Design
    • Website Design
    • Support Literature Design
    • Email Subscription Design Material
    • Group Promotional Material Design
    • Member Profile Assistance
    • Landing Page Design For Promotional and Special Interest Programs
    • Webinar Branding
    • Podcast Branding
    • Videography & Editing
    • Group Special Program Design

Marketing Support

You’ll need a person or team responsible for promotion.

  • Event Postings on Various Event Sites and Social Media
  • Events Page Updating on the Group Website
  • Creating Coupon Offers for Members
  • Creating Lead Magnet Ideas for The Group
  • Creating Lead Magnet Ideas for Members
  • Pay Per Click Ad Campaigns on Search
  • Pay Per Click Ad Campaigns on Social
  • Social Boosting
  • Email Subscriptions Promotions
  • QR Code Campaigns
  • Online Directory Listing Creation and Updating
  • Link Trading With Strategic Partners
  • Template Social Posts For Group Use
  • Template Badges For Member Websites
  • Template Badges For Member Store Front Support
  • On-Site SEO Practices
  • Link-building SEO Practices

Technical Support

You’ll need special services and skills for digital support

    • Website Hosting
    • Website Maintenance
    • Website Security
    • Website Functionality
    • Email Marketing Account/Support
    • Video Conferencing
    • Payment Gateway For Taking Secured Online Payments
    • Website Programming or WYSIWYG Website Theme & Platform
    • Online Appointment Scheduling
    • Lead Generation Forms & Support
    • Membership Sales Support

Accounting Support

You’ll need someone or a group in charge of income and expenses

    • Accounting Software or Ledger
    • Bank Account(s)
    • Reporting
    • Payment Processing
    • Payment Policies & Procedures
    • Expense Account
    • Payment System for Shared Income Disbursement



Team Support

You’ll need someone or a group in charge of keeping staying connected with members

    • Surveys
    • Calls
    • Emails
    • Texts
    • Reports (KPI, Group Progress, etc)
    • Member/Private Posts
    • Idea Exchanges
    • One-To-Ones (in-person and virtual)
    • Group Meetings
    • Roundtable Discussions
    • Hotseat Events
    • Panel Discussions
    • Audience Events (virtual or venue)


The Internet’s driving force is content in all its forms. Content drives search engine traffic, social media, email marketing, and website traffic.



icon benefit audience find2


Find solution providers to life & business problems.

icon benefit audience online


Online access anytime from anywhere through familiar channels

icon benefit audience engage


Engage with credible thought-leaders to make life better

icon benefit audience courses


Subscribe to courses and tools to help you in life and business

icon benefit audience events


Find events that help you engage with the right problem solvers



icon benefit member found


Be found by your target audience on the Internet

icon benefit member system


Be part of a system that uses a team approach instead of on-your-own.

icon benefit member ideas


Exchange ideas with other members of your team.

icon benefit member directory


Be part of a directory with easy access to qualified referral sources

icon benefit member work


Work together in a system that makes collaboration seamless and effortless

Content Focused on The Audience Journey

The content created in a micro-community is laser-focused on the needs and life journey of the audience the micro-community was created to support. This creates an entire “world” that caters to the needs, questions, and interests of the target audience in an expert, authoritative, and trustworthy environment.

People will be able to find answers to their problems in an uncluttered environment. Service providers that create helpful content will shine bright. This is the perfect setup for matching people with a problem to their problem solvers.

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Content on the Internet is INCREASING EXPONENTIALLY as more and more content creators enter the marketplace and information is shared in more channels and formats.

Through micro-communities, group-contributed content will be more diverse, more interesting, more authentic, and easier for the members to create. 

Google E.A.T. Guidelines For Search Results Criteria

Only content from Expert, Authoritative, and Trustworthy sources will have a chance to rank organically in search results. And ranking on the first page of Google will become increasingly impossible for the small business without a laser-focused niche content slant.

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EAT image 02


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Laser focused content 900x

Organized Laser-Focused Content

The organized, laser-focused mindset of micro-communities will create a subnet on the Internet. Like an online publication, articles and content will be well written and targeted to the needs of a growing local audience that doesn’t have the time or the patience to search ours for a local Expert, Authoritative, and Trustworthy resource like you.

Micro-Community Values 1600x

Where Do You See Yourself?


Team members that are 100% committed to supporting the group’s activities. They perform helpful tasks, add content to relative topics, like and share group content, and add feedback to conversations and projects.


Influencers have specialized knowledge, authority, and insight into a particular subject and audience. Their fans look to them for direction on particular purchases and activities.


Individuals with a large circle of influence within the field or focus of the group. Communicators, networkers, marketers, & community leaders.


Creative abilities, writers, outside-the-box thinkers, problem solvers, and product developers.


Podcasters, writers, and vloggers who have the ability to teach and convey complex ideas into simple to understand lessons.

Thought Leader

A go-to individual in a particular niche. A successful individual and foremost authority in a selected vocation, skill, process, or understanding of the group’s target audience.